Why Switch To Raw?

It’s pretty well known that processed foods are bad for us. Well if processed foods filled with chemicals and preservatives are bad for us why would they be good for our dogs. Nothing beats the feeling and taste of a fresh natural diet. Regardless of ingredients if its in a can or in kibble form, it is processed. The only processing to raw food is grinding for your pups convenience. I want my dogs food to be fresh like mine. That is why I feed raw and you should to.

Some benefits of raw

  1. They will poop less – A natural raw diet is much easier to digest. Meaning your dog will get more out of its food, and leave less of it behind.
  2. Beautiful Coat – You will notice more shine in their coat, as well as a softer healthier feel. Your dog will also shed much less on raw.
  3. Natural Weight Management – When fed raw, dogs have an easier time with weight management.
  4. May alleviate health Issues – Many allergies and health issues are caused by the additives in most dog foods. Many dogs with chronic dry skin are finally relieved after switching to raw.
  5. Its Healthier – You will notice much higher energy levels in your dog, as well they will drink less due to the proper moisture content in raw food.
  6. Know What Your Dog Is Eating – Our ingredient lists are short and kept to what is needed. Kibble companies ad filler and plenty of misleading ingredients. Once its baked into a brown pellet, there isn’t much knowing what it is.

Is It Dangerous To Feed Dogs Raw Meat?

600_7564No, it is not dangerous to feed your pups raw meat. Any bacteria that could be harmful to your furry friends are killed in our freezing process. Dogs digestive tracks are much shorter than ours and also much more disease resistant. This means things that would hurt us do not hurt them. So keep tidy after preparing your dog their meals.

About Barking Bad’s Raw Food

Classic PackBarking Bad is a proud distributor and consumer of Raw Performance raw dog food. Raw Performance is made with 100% Canadian, CFIA certified, human grade, hormone and antibiotic free meats. We offer our food in convenient resealable containers (1,2 & 4 pound). You can pick and choose or get one of our meal packs to make it easy and save some money.

How Much Does My Dog Need?

Border-Collie-4Calculating how much your dog needs is pretty simple but ultimately you must be the judge by monitoring them.

If they are putting on to much weight, reduce and if they are loosing, add.

Here are some average calculations to go by based on body weight and activity.

  • Over weight and low activity would need 1.5-2% of there over all body weight
  • Average weight and activity would need 2-2.5% of there over all body weight
  • Under weight or very active would need 2,5-3% of there over all body weight
  • Puppies can vary alot from 4-10% depending on age, I find 2% of anticipated weight to be a good measure.

These are just a rough guide and wont be suitable for all dogs and conditions. Dog metabolisms can vary quite drastically just like people. If you have any questions please contact us at barking bad and we will be happy to help.

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