Raw Performance raw dog food

Full StockOur food comes frozen in plastic resealable containers for convenience when portioning. Raw Performance is made with 100% Canadian, CFIA certified, human grade, hormone and antibiotic free meats and stays good in the fridge for 3 days once defrosted. Our freezers are always fully stocked so you can come in and grab what you need when you need it. We carry 1, 2 and 4 lb containers as well as some great meal packs if you want to fill your freezer.

Gourmet Blends

Gourmet Chicken Blend

(finely ground chicken meat, bone, beef liver, tripe, vegetables and kelp)

Gourmet Chicken1lb-$2.90

Gourmet Turkey Blend

(finely ground turkey meat, bone, beef liver, tripe, vegetables and kelp)

Gourmet Turkey1lb-$3.70

Gourmet Beef Blend

(finely ground beef meat, bone, liver, kidney, spleen, tripe, vegetables and kelp)

Gourmet Beef1lb-$3.90

Gourmet Pork Blend

(finely ground pork meat, liver, kidney, spleen, bone, vegetables and kelp)

Gourmet Pork1lb-$3.95

Pure Varieties

Pure Chicken

(finely ground chicken meat & bone)

Pure Chicken1lb-$2.80

Pure Turkey

(finely ground turkey meat & bone)

Pure Turkey1lb-$3.50

Pure Beef

(finely ground beef meat, liver, kidney, spleen & bone)

Pure Beef1lb-$3.80

Pure Duck

(finely ground duck meat, bone, heart and liver)

Pure Duck1lb-$4.30

Pure Salmon

(finely ground salmon meat and bone)

Pure Salmon1lb-$4.50

Pure Rabbit

(finely ground rabbit meat, bone and liver)

Pure Rabbit1lb-$7.40

Specialty Blends

Performance Blend 

(finely ground chicken meat and bone, beef liver, kidney, spleen, heart and tripe)

Performance Blend1lb-$2.80

Chicken & Lamb Blend

(finely ground chicken meat and bone, Lamb liver, lung, heart, kidney, spleen and tripe)

Chicken & Lamb1lb-$3.45

Value Packs

Wolf Pack 48lbs Total (great value) $112.99


Wolf Pack3- 4lb Pure Chicken
3- 4lb Gourmet Chicken
3- 4lb Gourmet Turkey
3- 4lb Performance Blend

Classic Pack 30lbs Total $69.99


Classic Pack3-2lb Pure Chicken
3-2lb Gourmet Chicken
3- 2lb Gourmet Turkey
3-2lb Performance Blend
3- 2lb Chicken & Lamb

Elite Pack 24lbs Total $67.99


1- 4lb Pure Chicken
1- 4lb Gourmet Chicken
1- 4lb Gourmet Turkey
1- 4lb Performance Blend
1- 4lb Gourmet Beef
1- 4lb Chicken & Lamb

Supreme Pack 24lbs Total $79.99


3-2lb Gourmet Pork
3-2lb Gourmet Beef
3- 2lb Gourmet Turkey
3-2lb Pure Duck

We sell our raw dog food at our storefront location, delivery also available on large orders.

Please contact us by email or phone about delivery options. (Delivery orders must be placed in advance, no same day delivery)

Raw Meaty Bones

(We do not recommend leaving dog’s unattended with raw bones, supervision is required)

Beef Marrow Bones- $5.00 each
Giant Beef Bones- $15.00 each
Pork Femur Bones- $3.00 each
Pork Tails- $1.50/lb
Duck Necks- $3.75/lb
Turkey Necks-$2.50/lb
Chicken Backs-$1.50/lb


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How To Buy?

Available at 132 W Main St, Welland, Ontario

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12-6 Saturday 10-2 (appointment & delivery available)

Call or Text: 289-697-3547