Just a little about myself. I grew up on a farm in Sherkston, ON. Most of my young years were spent waking up early to feed and care for animals around the farm before school. As well I would pick up any side jobs I could on the local farms. This led to having a very good understanding of animals, both health and behavior. Although there was always great respect and admiration for farming my true love was for dogs. There were always dogs around me from a young age but I always wanted a dog of my own, with dreams of eventually having my own house full.

At the age of 16, after much research I decided on an English Mastiff as the breed I would choose. This lead me to purchase Odin the oldest of my pack and he has been beside me ever since. He is now reaching nearly 10 years old, with care and activity he is very healthy for such an age. Nearly two years ago Odin had puppies with a beautiful Cane Corso and Cerberus, the second to my pack was born. I have since also added my American Bulldog, Mass and hope to soon start my own kennel.

I now spend any free time leading my pack through training sessions, parks and hikes every chance I get. There is nothing I would trade for the time I spend with my dogs. I am constantly researching the best ways to care for them and try to pass on as much of the information as possible. My passion is caring for my dogs and I have opened Barking Bad to share that passion with other great dog owners who care.



Charlie is in charge of all branding & media development, marketing and online development.  Charlie believes that Barking Bad is a special brand that focuses on the health and well being of the animal through proper eating, training and lifestyle. He is also a dog owner and lover even despite being allergic to them.



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