How Barking Bad Started

It started with wanting to feed my family the best I could. With my loving English Mastiff Odin getting into senior ages and his daughter Cerberus growing fast I wanted to find the best I could for them. So I began researching every dry food on the market. After a week or two I was more confused than when I started and really did not know who to trust. Ingredient lists are like reading another language half the time, and many of the ingredients I did understand where controversial one way or another. Then there are all the false claims and lawsuits against apparently trustworthy companies. This lead me to research the raw diet for my dogs. After much reading I fell in love with the raw diet approach and my dogs loved it too. Within a week or two there fur became softer and there waste was much easier to deal with. Better yet they drank less and were not as hungry.

After a few weeks on my raw diet it occurred to me, if I was going to feed my dogs the best food, why am I feeding my pups treats with the same mystery issues as the food. I went to the local pet store to look at there natural treat selection. The prices were outrageous for the tiny packages my monsters would eat in a sitting. So I decided to make my own selection of all natural treats all from single ingredient whole foods. I began offering all my new recipes to my extended family (friends dogs) and reviews where at the top across the board.

Soon after I began packaging my treats for sale outside of my friend circle and partnered with Grant from Raw Performance in St Catherines as a distributor of their top quality raw product. Now an operation that started selling Natural treats and Raw Food out of my house has moved to a store front location at 132 W Main St in Welland with hopes of expansion to other cities in he near future. We have grown our inventory to provide dog owners with some of the best, safest and most innovative products on the market. We strive to provide everything you need so are constantly adding to our inventory. My vision is to have a store for your dogs that you can feel comfortable asking questions with no worry of choosing a wrong or unsafe product.