Christmas Contest December 2015

We had some amazing entries for our first contest. Here are our top 5 as well as a few of the runners up.

First place

With 285 likes

Maverick’s winning shot sent in by Anita

Anita Shannon, Maverick

 Maverick basking in his winnings

Maverick Swag Shot


Top four


Molly sent in by Jay

jay Hyska, Molly

 Oscar sent in by Brittney

Brittney Bereti, Oscar

Hildy, Cosby & Penelope sent in by Heather

Hether Deans, Hildy, Cosby, Penelope

Nala sent in by Justin

A few more of our favourites

Mackie & Big Nog sent in by Christina

Christina Branco, Mackie & Big Nog

Benji sent in by Christina

Brittney, Benji

Meela, Rhino, Matiaz & Loki sent in by Missy

Missy, Meela, Matiaz, Rhino, Loki

Mikey sent in by Debbie

Debbie Latif, Mikey

Mishka, Milan, Kiire and Mysti sent in by Manon

Dozer sent in by Rhonda

Rhonda, Dozer

Hailee sent in by Lynne

Lynne Lyall, Hailee

Chiyo sent in by Melissa

Thank you all again for your amazing entries and good luck in our future contest’s.

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