Why Buy Barking Bad All Natural Treats?

These days its hard to find anything on our shelves that isn’t filled with sugars, preservatives and chemicals. This goes for your dogs treats as well. It doesn’t take much searching to find most the treats marketed to our furry friends are very unhealthy.

Everything from ethoxyquin (this stuff is used in herbicides) and propylene glycol (used in anti freeze) to corn syrup (can lead to diabetes and change mental behavior) and by products ( all the nasty stuff left after meat has been processed usually including tumors). If reading this list does not make you want to throw up there are plenty more toxic ingredients to be found with a google search.

Here at Barking Bad, we make our all natural dog treats from single ingredient whole foods. We take the things a dog should naturally get their nutrition from and turn them into crunchy and chewy snacks. In the wild our dogs relatives eat whole animals attaining protein and fat from muscle tissue, calcium and phosphorus from bones and any lacking essential nutrients and vitamins from organs.

This is why we take a part of our dogs natural diet and make it into tasty treats. Our dehydrated organ treats will make your dog go crazy every time you touch the bag and there is no worry of hidden ingredients. At Barking Bad our treats have an ingredient, no list to be found. All of our treats are made from 100% Canadian, CFIA certified, human grade, hormone and antibiotic free meats..

Some dogs that enjoy Barking Bad treats

Beef Lung

Beef Lung 60g

Green Beef Tripe

Green Beef Tripe 80g

Beef Heart

Beef Heart 100g

Beef Liver

Beef Liver 100g

Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet 2

Beef Tendon

Beef Tendons